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Leif Nordberg : Project Manager
Hell hath no fury like the vast robot armies of a woman scorned.

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Meet Leif Nordberg

Leif is a project manager here at EchoDitto. Despite spending his time at Northeastern University pursuing a political science degree and debating in Model UN, Leif has spent most of his time working and playing with web and computer technologies. His most celebrated success is beating his brother in QBasic's "Gorillas" by giving himself really explosive bananas.

Prior to joining EchoDitto, Leif was in Silicon Valley launching Fundly, a startup focused on bringing social fundraising tools to important causes. For years, Leif has worked with nonprofits, universities, and political organizations to modernize their fundraising and communication efforts on the web—he doesn't plan to stop.

And, no, he can't speak Swedish. Förlát.

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