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Juan González : Partner & Client Services Director
Strategy is the presence of purpose in your planning.

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Juan Gonzalez is an Internet innovator and social media evangelist. As Partner and Client Services Director, Juan is responsible for the overall coordination of the client services function at the firm, including managing the teams, programs, and processes accountable for delivering web development projects, online strategies, engagement campaigns, and outreach efforts. With over a decade of experience as a Strategy Leader, he has guided high performance projects and organizations through transformations into centers of success and excellence. Juan's extensive work in executive leadership, distributed development, and organizational management has earned him recognition for innovation in the new economy. He created the Play by Post platform, an interactive methodology for user generated content on the Internet, and founded Aelyria, the original web-based creative social network for fantasy world creative writers, artists, and musicians. A graduate of Dartmouth College, he holds a B.A. in History and Government and is a subject matter expert in game theory and grand strategy. He is a passionate technology activist and an avid futurist whose writings, speeches, and works are circulated across numerous online journals.

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