Morning Reads: RIP Friendster, Entity Advocacy, and OFA Watch

Lots of love for the MIT crowd this morning with a look at the corpse of Friendster and what we can learn from it, and some great insight into the little known Entity Graph that drives a lot of what happens on Facebook. Also, OFA is asking for stories so you should probably pay attention to how they use them.

Morning Reads: 2013 is Mobile, and the Game Layer

We were roused from the long weekend this morning by the sound of a steady drumbeat, "mobile, mobile, mobile". It's time to get off the sidelines and start planning for how you are going to reach your audience on their smartphones. For those of you with midyear fiscal calendars, you've got about 4 months to convince your Board it is time to get on board. We're also taking a look at gamification, and where it is today. Is gamification like flying cars, a cool idea but an impractical technology? Or are we going to see some real innovation in the space now that mobile is such a big player?

Morning Reads: Google Ad Jujutsu, Trust Barometer, Spreadable not Sticky

Today we learned that Google ads have gone mobile with location aware options, and we're thinking about how to do some serious jujutsu for social good. Edelman tells us that Technology companies are the most trusted type of business out there blush. And, like a good peanut butter, the best content isn't sticky, it is spreadable.

Morning Reads: Liar, Liar Pants on Fire, Whither the Narwhal, and Predicting Virality

This morning we're reading about a new fact checking tool that will help your team respond real time to false talking points, opening up the most successful tool in campaign history to everyone, and a divining stick for viral conent.


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