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Speed up PHP on NFS with turbo_realpath on CentOS

If you run a website based on PHP, and have your source files on a network file system like NFS, OCFS2, or GlusterFS, and combine it with PHP's open_basedir protection, you'll quickly notice that the performance will degrade substantially. If you want to isolate your websites from each other (or from the rest of the operating system), how can you retain any shred of performance?

Object Oriented PHP and the Migrate Module: Code Organization for Most Extreme Happiness

There are 2 kinds of people in this world: people who use the Migrate module to migrate content into a new Drupal site, and wrong people. This post assumes a basic familiarity with the module. The Migrate module is written in object-oriented PHP.

Getting Ahead of Drupal's Coding Standards w/ Drupal Code Sniffer, Vim and a little Regex

If you've submitted a project for consideration in a project application or issue queue, you may have received a review that looks something like this, a seemigly-endless stream of errors relating to


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