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Using your AdWords and Google Grant as one big focus group

We’ve talked about Google Grants before on this blog. In short: it’s a program offered by Google that grants qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations $10,000 worth of free Google AdWords a month. It’s an awesome program and every nonprofit should apply for one and start running AdWords campaigns!

Morning Reads: RIP Friendster, Entity Advocacy, and OFA Watch

Lots of love for the MIT crowd this morning with a look at the corpse of Friendster and what we can learn from it, and some great insight into the little known Entity Graph that drives a lot of what happens on Facebook. Also, OFA is asking for stories so you should probably pay attention to how they use them.

Morning Reads: Crisis Communication, Valentine's Day, and Listening

It should come as no surprise that we're talking about communicating this morning. Do you have a crisis communication plan in place? Not the kind for when your website goes down, or Congress sinks your favorite legislation. The one for the time when one of your own is under massive fire from the internet. Next up, you should thank your members or audience more often, and in that spirit, you should listen to folks close to home a little more often too.


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