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Jul 26, 2008

Growing up, I remember watching Jerry Lewis telethons every Labor Day. For 24 hours, Lewis and celebrity co-hosts like Ed McMahon and Casey Kasem woul

Jul 24, 2008

We've recently begun putting together the infrastructure for a number of upcoming projects which will organize people around the world toward some pretty powerful, ambitious goals.

Jul 22, 2008

I am an Ambassador for OneWebDay, a global celebration of the web that takes place every year on September 22nd. There is more information at www.onewebday.org.

Jul 21, 2008

This past weekend, my husband took me on his annual camping trip to the Catskill mountains. For those of you who know me, you know that I am not one to rough it.

Jul 15, 2008

I am guest posting over at Idea Blob this week. Its an interesting project from Advanta that allows people to promote ideas, share thoughts, and star