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Jun 21, 2013

It was in late April 2003 that I packed my car and left Queens, New York to join Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. Today I’m repeating the drive, this time from Boston, headed back up to Burlington, Vermont to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Howard Dean’s run for president.

Jun 7, 2013

This was post was co-authored by Neal Maher. For more info on Neal and his portfolio, visit: http://iamneal.com/

May 9, 2013

If you run a website based on PHP, and have your source files on a network file system like NFS, OCFS2, or GlusterFS, and combine it with PHP's open_basedir protection, you'll quickly notice that the performance will degrade substantially. If you want to isolate your websites from each other (or from the rest of the operating system), how can you retain any shred of performance?

May 9, 2013

When the Wilderness Society came to us in 2012 to rebuild their old website, we knew there were a few primary goals we needed to address with the project. First, as always, the final site needed to serve their supporters and mission above all.

Apr 23, 2013

It's here. My first book, "The End of Big: How the Internet Makes David the New Goliath"  was released today.