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Aug 15, 2004

I was sitting on a train today reading and watching others around me reading—newspapers, books, and magazines—and it got me thinking about the delights of old media.

Aug 14, 2004

Via David Cohen, friend and colleague of EchoDitto, writing from the University of Virginia's School of Law.

Aug 13, 2004

A couple of months ago, I was in a bookstore and happened to pick up a copy of Joe Trippi's book

Aug 13, 2004

The Unity Campaign launches This Week in the Battleground to make it perfectly clear how Nader will impact the November presidential race. In my mind, it ranks among the most useful flash pieces out there.

Aug 12, 2004

As I was reading my Bloglines feed (of about 144 blogs) tonight, I came across an interesting news item about the company and about blogs.