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Jan 21, 2013

You may have heard this before - Drupal has a reputation for low grades in the usability department. That’s been a knock against Drupal since the beginning.
There are probably hundreds if not thousands of blog posts comparing Drupal to, say, Wordpress, when it comes to ease of use.

Jan 15, 2013

Earlier today Facebook announced that they are Beta testing a new type of search functionality for all users using the English version of Facebook. Graph Search is a huge step towards using the full power of all of that information you’ve been putting into Facebook since the launch of the Social Graph. Looking back over the last couple of years, all of Facebook's new features make sense now.

Jan 3, 2013

The Wikipedia page for Wikipedia tells us its been answering our bar bets about Twin Peaks sub-plots and writing our term papers on the East Atlantic

Dec 21, 2012

When I first read Eric S. Raymond's landmark essay on open-source programming, "The Cathedral and the Bazaar", I was delighted.