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Morning Reads: People, Data Gurus, and Failing


This morning we take a look at some core principals that should matter to you, even if they seem like bad words. We’re also reminded why data people are just as important as the data itself. And finally, we talk about the taboo and importance of failure in the nonprofit space.

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Product, Place, Price, Promotion. Bad words in the non-profit sector, key words in business. One thing that my time in the non-profit sector has taught me, it is that there are corollaries to these words for non-profits and by applying the principles of each we can learn quite a bit from our friends on the other side of the profit fence. We have a leg up on our cousins though, because we start with the two P’s they have to learn about – people and purpose. Brian Solis takes a look at all 6 Ps, a great read for our clients on either side of profit.

Brian Solis: Social Media Expert BlogExploring the Fifth and Sixth P of Marketing

Data Gurus

It seems like the whole world spend December and early January talking about the Obama campaign machine. Data Gurus like Nate Silver and Obama’s Narwhal architects were the returning heroes of our time. We all read the articles and watched the Sunday shows and nodded our heads in agreement about how important Data Gurus are. Then we moved on with business as usual. The data trapped within the walls if your organization, or uninterpreted in the streams coming from countless API’s is just sitting there, waiting to be folded into a story. John Bell takes another look at why people are so important for making data work. When you are ready to do something awesome with all that data you have, give us a call.

John Bell: Digital Influence Mapping Project – We Need Big Data People (More Than the Data, Itself)


There are two things we hear over and over again, especially with our non-profit clients. First, failure is critical to the growth process. Second, failure is not allowed. All of the popular names in the digital world, from Chris Borgan to Seth Godin tell us how important failure is to growth. It is not unusual for there to be multiple panels on failures at the dozen or so conferences we have to pick from each year. Yet, how many times are the reports to board filled with nothing but silver lining? Is it any wonder that expectations of what can be achieved in digital are often so unrealistic? Beth Kanter is back with a look at failing.

Beth’s Blog ­– 6 Ways Nonprofits Learn from Affordable Losses or Little Bets To Improve Impact